Nolan Kline


Nolan Kline has several ongoing research projects, including the following:  

1. Immigrant policing and health 
These studies examine the multiple health-related consequences of immigration enforcement laws, police practices, and and other related policies. Field sites include Atlanta, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida. 

2. LGBTQ+ Latinx activism following the Pulse shooting
Studies related to this topic focus on efforts to advance health equity, political and legal rights, and improve the lives for populations who identify as LGBTQ+ and Latinx. All studies are done in Orlando, Florida. 

3. Structural barriers to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) prevention 
These studies focus on ways to involve dental providers in HPV-prevention or social determinants to HPV-related prevention efforts, including examining how farm labor itself constrains HPV vaccination for children of Latinx migrant farmworkers. Study sites are nationwide for providers and in Central Florida for farmworker-related studies. 

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