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(In Press) Pathogenic Policing: Immigration Enforcement and Health in the US South. Rutgers University Press. 



    *indicates community-based organization co-author 


Kline, Nolan

Forthcoming. Life, Death, and Dialysis: Medical Repatriation and Liminal Life among Undocumented Kidney Failure Patients in the US. Political and Legal Anthropology Review. DOI: 10.1111/plar.12269


Kline, Nolan 

Forthcoming. When Policies of Deservingness Converge: US Immigration Enforcement, Health Reform, and Patient Dumping.  Anthropology & Medicine. DOI: 10.1080/13648470.2018.1507101.


Vamos, Cheryl, Coralia Vazquez-Otero, Nolan Kline, Elizabeth Lockhart, Kristen Wells, Cathy Meade, Sara Proctor*, and Ellen Daley.

Forthcoming. Multi-level Determinants to HPV Vaccination among Hispanic Farmworker Families in Florida.  Ethnicity and Health. 


Daley, Ellen M., Cheryl A. Vamos, Erika Thompson, Coralia Vázquez-Otero, Stacey B. Griner, Laura Merrell, Nolan Kline, Kimberly Walker, Annelise Driscoll, John Petrila. 

Forthcoming. The Role of Dental Providers in Preventing HPV-Related Diseases: A Systems Perspective.  Journal of Dental Education.


Kline, Nolan, C. Vamos, E. Thompson, F. Catalanotto, J. Petrila, R. Debate, S. Griner, C. Vázquez-Otero, L. Merrell, E. Daley

2018    Are dental providers the next line of HPV-related prevention? Providers’ perceived role and needs. Papillomavirus Research 5: 104-108.


Daley, Ellen, Erika L. Thompson, Cheryl A. Vamos, Stacey B. Griner, Coralia Vázquez-Otero, Alicia Best, Nolan Kline, and Laura K. Merrell

2018    HPV-Related Knowledge Among Dentists and Dental Hygienists. Journal of Cancer Education 33(4): 901-906.  


Vazquez-Otero, Coralia, Cheryl Vamos, Erika Thompson, Laura Merrell, Stacey Griner, Nolan Kline, Frank Catalanotto, Anna H. Giuliano, Ellen Daley. 

2018    Assessing Dentists’ HPV-Related Health Literacy for Oropharyngeal Cancer Prevention. Journal of the American Dental Association 149(1): 9-17.  


Kline, Nolan

2017    Pathogenic Policy: Immigrant Policing, Fear, and Parallel Medical Systems in the U.S. South. Medical Anthropology 36 (4): 396-410. 


Daley, Ellen, Cheryl Vamos, Erika Thompson, Gregory Zimet, Zeev Rosberger, Laura Merrell, and Nolan Kline

2017    The Feminization of HPV: How Science, Politics, Economics, and Society Shaped U.S. HPV Vaccine Implementation. Papillomavirus Research 3: 142-148. 


Thompson, Erika L., Ellen M. Daley, Cheryl A. Vamos, Alice M. Horowitz, Frank A. Catalanotto, Rita D. DeBate, Laura M. Merrell, Stacey Griner, Coralia Vázquez-Otero, and Nolan Kline.

2017    HPV-related oral cancer prevention: Health literacy approaches to improving communication between dental hygienists and patients. Journal of Dental Hygiene 97(4): 37-45.


Thompson, Erika L., Coralia Vázquez-Otero, Cheryl A. Vamos, Stephanie Marhefka, Nolan Kline, and Ellen M. Daley. 

2017.   Rethinking preconception care: A critical, women’s health perspective. Maternal and Child Health Journal 21 (5): 1147-1155.


Skvoretz, John, Karen Dyer, Ellen Daley, Rita Debate, Cheryl Vamos, Nolan Kline,and Erika Thompson. 

2016    Research and Practice Communications between Oral Health Providers and Prenatal Health Providers: A Bibliometric Analysis. Maternal and Child Health 20 (8): 1607-1619.


Daley, Ellen, Virginia Dodd, Rita DeBate, Cheryl A. Vamos, Christopher Wheldon, Nolan Kline, Sarah Smith, Rasheeta Chandler, Karen Dyer, Hannah Helmy, and Annelise Driscoll. 

2014  Prevention of HPV-related Oral Cancer: Assessing Dentists' Readiness. Public Health 

            128 (3): 231-238.  


Kline, Nolan and Rachel Newcomb

2013    The Forgotten Farmworkers of Apopka, Florida: Prospects for Collaborative Research and Activism to Assist African-American Former Farmworkers.  Anthropology and Humanism 38 (2): 160-176. 


Kline, Nolan

2013    “There’s Nowhere I Can Go to Get Help, and I have Tooth Pain Right Now:” The Oral Health Syndemic among Migrant Farmworkers in Florida. Annals of Anthropological Practice 36 (2): 387-401.


DeBate, Rita, Ellen Daley, Cheryl Vamos, Nolan Kline, Laura Marsh, and Sarah Smith 

2013    Transdisciplinary Women’s Health: A Call to Action. Health Care for Women International 35 (10): 1113-1132. DOI: 10.1080/07399332.2013.840636.


Daley, Ellen, Rita DeBate, Cheryl Vamos, Laura Marsh, Nolan Kline, Judith Albino, Annelise Driscoll, Susan Muller, Ann Progulske-Fox, and Stephanie Russell 

2013    Transforming Women's Oral-Systemic Health Through Discovery, Development, and Delivery. Journal of Women's Health 22 (4): 299-302.


Carrion, Iraida V., Heide Castañeda, Dinorah Martinez–Tyson, Nolan Kline

2011    Barriers Impeding Access to Primary Oral Health Care AmongFarmworker Families in Central Florida.  Social Work in Health Care 50 (10): 828-844. 


Kline, Nolan 

2010    Disparate Power and Disparate Resources: Collaboration between Faith-based and Activist Organizations for Central Florida Farmworkers. Annals of Anthropological Practice (then titled NAPA Bulletin) 33(8): 126-142. 


Castañeda, Heide, Iraida V. Carrion, Nolan Kline, and Dinorah Martinez Tyson 

2010    False Hope: Effects of Social Class and Health Policy on Oral Health Inequalities for Migrant Farmworker Families.  Social Science and Medicine 71 (11): 2028-2037. 


Castañeda, Heide, Nolan Kline, and Nathaniel Dickey

2010    Health Concerns of Migrant Backstretch Workers at Horse Racetracks.  Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 21(2): 489-503. 




Kline, Nolan 

2018 “It’s Too Risky to Leave the House:”Immigrant Policing and Health-Related Mobility.In“Healthcare in Motion.” Cecilia Vindrola, Anne Pfister, and Ginger Johnson, eds. Berghahn Books. 


Kline, Nolan

2018  “How Will I Get My Skull Back?” The Embodied Consequences of Immigrant 

Policing. In Forced Out, Fenced In: Immigration Tales from the Field. Tanya Golash-Boza, ed. Oxford University Press.



*indicates community-based organization co-author


Kline, Nolan, and Christopher Cuevas*

2018    Resisting Identity Erasure After Pulse:Intersectional LGBTQ+ Latinx Activism in Orlando, FL. Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures 2(2): 69-72. 


Castañeda, Heide, Nolan Kline, Mackenzie Rapp, Nicole Demetriou, Naheed Ahmed, Isabella Chan, Theresa Crocker, Nathaniel Dickey, Patrick Dillon, Hilary Dotson, Jordana Frost, Natalie Hobbs, Emily Koby Novicki, Philip McNab, Francisco Montiel-Ishino, and Colleen Timmons.   

2011    Assessing the 2010 Affordable Care Act: Perspectives of Future Health Care Professionals. Practicing Anthropology 33(4): 44-48.




Kline, Nolan

2015    Militarizing Life: What Policing, Events in Ferguson, and Immigration Enforcement Say 

about Regimes of Social Control. Commentary for Anthropology News 56 (5-6): 5. 




Kline, Nolan

2018  “Migration and Health” in the International Encyclopedia of Anthropology. 

Hillary Callan, editor. Wiley. 


Kline, Nolan

2014    “Faith Based Organizations” in Undocumented Immigrants in the United States: An Encyclopedia of Their Experience. Anna Ochoa-O’Leary, editor. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO-Greenwood.




Kline, Nolan

2017    Review of They Leave Their Kidneys in the Fields, by Sarah Bronwen Horton. 

            American Anthropologist 119 (2): 371-372. 


Kline, Nolan

2016    Review of Showdown in the Sonoran Desert, by Ananda Rose. Journal of Latin 

American and Caribbean Anthropology 21 (2): 386-388. 


Kline, Nolan

2015    Review of Community Health Narratives: A Reader, Emily Mendenhall and Kathy 

            Wollner, eds. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 30 (1). DOI: 10.1111/maq.12253. 


Kline, Nolan

2014    Review of Collaborators Collaborating: Counterparts in Anthropological Knowledge and International Research Relations,Monica Konrad, ed. Collaborative Anthropologies 6: 454-458. 





Kline, Nolan

2016    “Structural Vulnerabilities and Global Migrant Crises: What Can Activist Scholars Do?” April 18, 2016.


Kline, Nolan 

2014    The Anthropology of “Robocop:” Finding New Audiences in Popular Media. Anthropoliteia: The Anthropology of Policing.  March 4, 2014.


Kline, Nolan

2014    “It’s Not Worth the Risk to Go to the Doctor:” How Immigration Legislation Impacts Undocumented Immigrants’ Health. Podcast for the University of South Florida College of Public Health.


Kline, Nolan

2012    The Migrant Oral Health Syndemic: Examining Access to Oral Health Care among Central Florida Farmworkers. Podcast for the University of South Florida College of Public Health.


Kline, Nolan 

2011    Fighting for Fair Food in Florida.  Access Denied: A Conversation on Im/migration and health. February 26, 2011.


Kline, Nolan

2011    Marching for One More Penny: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers Pickets Publix Supermarkets in Tampa Bay. Access Denied: A Conversation on Im/migration and health. March 29, 2011.


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